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Nant y Glyn provides the ideal setting for

Forest School based Ecotherapy programmes.

“Ecotherapy is regular activity that is: facilitated and structured, focuses on doing an activity rather than ‘health’, takes place in a green environment, is related to exploring and appreciating the natural world, happens over time, and involves contact with other people” (MIND)

FOREST SCHOOL LOGO no circle (1)We are happy to explore programme ideas with you with no obligation to book. Please contact us to discuss your group’s needs.

Open Space the research centre for inclusive access to outdoor environments, suggests there are 5 key ways in which exposure to the natural environment is beneficial to human health.

These are:

  • Enhanced personal and communication skills
  • Increased physical health
  • Enhances mental and spiritual health
  • Enhanced spiritual, sensory, and aesthetic awareness.
  • Ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to one’s own well-being.